Svatantra Life

Version 2
Paul Van Camp MD

My name is Paul Van Camp. This blog will be my personal sharing of a life lived and transformed via the practices of deep meditation. Specifically of the deeply-effective, natural, easeful method of meditation that was perfected in Kashmir 1000 years ago. There in the valley of Srinagar, master “scientists of Consciousness” refined and perfected the earlier meditation methods of yoga. Even then it was called the “new and easy way”. It has been passed on, in various iterations, through the centuries.

This blog is the story of my own journey and transformation of my life through meditation. And some of what I have and am learning along the way. It will be a reflection  and repository of insights from my personal journals.

This would have no meaningfulness whatsoever were it not for the fact that this powerful transformative meditation practice, and the teachings that support it, are available to people today. Indeed, it is available to us now and is called “Neelakantha” meditation. It is taught only by personal instruction from the several authorized teachers. (This may be accessed via Blue Throat Yoga (

Svatantra is the Sanskrit word for “freedom”. Not the relative and limited sorts of freedom that we seek, cherish, and protect in our lives in the domains of  work, family, community, political arenas, etc. Rather it is referring to the unbounded and absolute (non-relative) freedom of the Self (capital S) of the Source of our true existence (Beingness). It is the inherent nature of what may be considered “Divine”. It is what we ourselves are in our own highest Nature.

It means literally “self-weaving”: That deepest Self that is self (“sva”) + weaving (“tantra”). So it is a reference to the deepest principle of reality that is independent: not dependent on any other principle. So it is a very beautiful word and consideration.

There will be two categories of posts: Short teachings about the “theory of the practice” of meditation, how it all works from my perspective. Then personal insights, experiences and expanding knowledge: How my life is being changed and enhanced through what I have learned.

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