The Book of Sadhana, a Life Journey

I am very pleased to announce that as of today, July 22, 2017, I am an authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation as taught in Blue Throat Yoga. This culminates a five-year process of deep study and practices capping 43 years of meditation. I will now offer formal personal instruction in the practice of Neelakantha Meditation. It is very easy to learn and practice. And once learned, it is a practice for life. I celebrate this by offering the following blog post from here at the Joshua Tree Retreat Center:


The Book of Sadhana, a Life Journey

Neelakantha Meditation is the “ever-new” practice. It is new, fresh and different every single day. Thus each meditation and day can be thought of as a fresh “page” in the “book” of our practice life (sadhana). Each page is different and tells a part of our extraordinary personal journey. Together they comprise a sort of book, our book that is still being written. It unfolds page by page as our story unfolds day by day.

The other side of each page is the unfolding of that day’s events. What is happening in our personal lived story? What challenges are we encountering in life? What opportunities and gifts? What unexpected twists and turns? How are we growing and learning through all of this? Alive, awake and engaged: Life is unfolding with the silent engine of our meditation practice impelling us powerfully forward.

There are powerful connections between what is happening in our meditation and the accelerated evolution and growth we experience. How have limiting patterns of thought, judgment and action, and the seeds from past experience that may contain suffering? These are being systematically released during meditation. There is a burgeoning of freedom and increased capacities that emerge and carry us forward. We, and also others, will notice the changes. Knowledge deepens. Capacity for love and compassion start to replace judgmental thought patterns and reactive anger. Our peace and happiness, our health, our relationships, and our well-being are all nourished in a life lived with such a meditation practice..

The end of the book has not been written, of course. It is not fixed. Our destiny will be written by our own hand. This is certain, because of the potency of Freedom that is woven into the very fabric of the source-place of all that exists. This Freedom is inherent in the movements of Consciousness, and therefore also in life. So all limitations and all challenges can ultimately be surmounted. We are supported in this by that which is highest, best, whole and imperishable. It is the journey towards our own highest fulfillment. We are meant to succeed in this. Just as the caterpillar is meant to become the butterfly

The metaphor of the “book” is the telling our own story. Each page is unique: each day and each meditation. This is the great adventure, unfolding at this very moment. I can’t wait to see what is going to happen next!


Call of the Heart’s Song


On Awakening. And Diksha.

There are tens of thousands of persons on this earth who are, at this time, awakening. There is no common thread in their stories. All of their life journeys are different and unique. There is nothing of their own doing that was the cause of their spontaneous awakening. They have simply been touched by Grace. So there follows this mysterious inexplicable turning, an arising in the deepest heart of themselves.

The first wakening is so tender and seems so precious but fragile. Like a wave passing-by that momentarily lifts us with a surge, then subsides. But in its wake everything is different. It can never be forgotten nor long ignored.

It may come into the forms of deep questioning and longing: “There must be more to life than this rat-race of chasing after desires, possessions and roles of every sort?””There must be more to me than this amazing yet mortal and limited embodiment?” “There must be more to my own consciousness than just an endless stream of thoughts?””Why is there so much terrible suffering of mankind in this world?””I am surely more than this. Life is more than this. And I must find it: I must know!”

Thus a newly awakened seeker begins to look around. He or she has become the proverbial “hound of heaven” possessing that divine-discontent, a hunger that only the highest and most fulfilling knowledge of ultimacy can ever satisfy. That is the action of awakening by Grace. It will not let us go. It can be ignored for a time but not extinguished. Which is very reassuring, we do not want to go back to sleep.

So the newly awakened seek out the extraordinary knowledge, the means of attaining that liberative fullness, their Heart’s desire. They may look everywhere: in religions, in philosophies, in ancient wisdom texts. In various “yogas”. In renunciation, or in devotion or the satisfactions of family, creating, community and in doing good works. Yet the desire for deep and complete fullness, for fulfillment, remains. Where do we find that? How do we access that?

It requires a careful and precise method. A practice method that is empowered and alive and carefully taught. This is our meditation, the true authentic practice of deep introversive meditation that gives access to the treasures of our own highest Self. Such a practice has been available throughout the centuries of human history. And it is available, though not common, today. We can find it described in ancient texts of our (and other) traditions and lineages. But it is only taught directly through living human instruction. By that means it is precisely and clearly conveyed. Person-to-person instruction – just as transplanting a tree must be from life to life. This process of personal instruction in true meditation is called “diksha”. In Sanskrit this means “something is given (“da”), and something is removed (“ksha”). That which is given is careful precise direct instruction. That which is removed is any misunderstanding or obstacles to a successful practice.

I will complete this discussion on “Diksha” and the learning of true deep tantric meditation practice in my next blog entry -Coming very soon. – Paul

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