How Meditation Causes Transformation

Full Moon Rise over Sea of Cortez

How, by what mechanism, does the regular daily practice of deep introversive meditation result in the transformation of one’s life? How does that practice, of just a few minutes each day, automatically and without further analysis, therapy nor personal effort, accomplish that? How does this effortless and enjoyable practice of immersive awareness bring that about? Bring about the dissolving of limitation from our outer experience of life and set us free on a higher trajectory for our own life?

It is a mysterious process. And it takes place right before our very eyes. It is astonishing and amazing. Our teaching and our experience is that this does and will happen with Neelakantha meditation. This is the experience of those who practice in this way today. It happens progressively over time. And it begins to happen right at the very time that we learn and start to practice. Very soon we begin to recognize the condition of more freedom that emerges into view and becomes the lived condition of our lives.

Reactive patterns such as anger – dissolve, and are gone, one layer at a time. The same goes for patterns of negative judgments, including especially our self-limiting judgments. Contracted patterns of negative opinions; Repetitively compulsive or negative “programs” of thought and compulsive negative habits of action; Emotional contractions; patterns of excessive fatigue, chronic anxiety or depression; The suffering-laden residues of past traumas: All of these are progressively weakened, disassembled and taken “off-line”. They cease to have their negative impact and cease to overshadow or color our experiences in life. They cease to have their negative impact on our relationships. Cease to hold back our creativity and our happiness.

How this happens seems mysterious. But the principle that is operating in this is perfectly simple. In our deep introversive meditation we touch or immerse our own awareness in highest Source-Consciousness. It is that Source of awareness whose essential intrinsic nature is pure love, bliss and life-affirming benevolence. It is the intrinsically intelligent universal Consciousness. It is that we call the transcendent Absolute.

And so, on the introversive “stroke” of our meditation to whatever degree, and for even a brief moment, we access that sublime Source in our own inner awareness. – Even if it does not fully “register” or is not even remembered in the early stage of meditation practice. Every time we go within in this way we bring back a “trace” or residue of that purely beneficial life-enhancing consciousness. And that immediately begins to act to displace anything in our individuality that is not in alignment and accord with its own intrinsic nature. Whatever is not in accord with its own intrinsic character of freedom, illuminative knowledge, and unconditional love/bliss, must go. It must be dissolved and released.

A root teaching text of the non-dual Kashmir Shaivism states it this way:

            “Jayati Jagadananda. Vipaksha-kshapana-kshama”

“All praise and victory that highest Consciousness whose nature is universal bliss.          For it is capable of dissolving and removing anything which is contrary or opposed to its own intrinsic nature.”                 (from the Malini-vijayottara-tantra, v. 1.)

Just as a surging river’s flow will dislodge and remove obstructing rocks and debris. So the flow of the highest values of Consciousness will flow into every corner and arena of our body and mind from our meditation: Uplifting, enhancing and healing. Bestowing more freedom, more insightful knowledge, more capacity, more creativity and love. Thus we become more of what we truly and authentically are.

Ecstatic Joy – Enraptured heart

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