Meditation is not a Selfish Practice

We are faced with so much suffering in life, especially full with turmoil, destruction and with grief in this season, in the late Summer of 2017. Several powerful hurricanes have devastated, flooded and killed in North America, in the Caribbean, in the Southern United States, especially Texas and Florida, and in Baja California, Mexico. Now a terrible earthquake has struck near Mexico City, burying hundreds beneath collapsed buildings, including hundreds of innocent children trapped beneath their very own school. This is tragedy and suffering that seems too much for us to bear. Too much to even witness. Our compassion tears open our hearts for all those affected.

There are those who have been waiting to receive personal instruction from me in Cuernavaca, just south of Mexico City. This is to happen very soon. And this raises an important question: To many persons it may appear that practicing meditation seems a selfish or self-centered practice. To sit for a few minutes each day and go within our own selves, to contact our own Source-Place of Consciousness deep within: How can we do that when there is so much trauma, disruption and suffering going on?

It is an important question. These events in our communities call for all of us who are able to rise to the challenges of helping our communities and our neighbors. And I mean this from an entirely global perspective, for we are all neighbors. We are all one community. No, we cannot all be rescue workers on the scene. But we all can offer our support and compassion in one way or another.

But the practice of deep meditation (Neelakantha Meditation) does something very valuable, important and irreplaceable, not just for ourselves, but for our communities and ultimately for the world.

Human life is filled with suffering, just as the Buddha and so many other teachers have taught. Everything we witness and experience, every trauma, every loss and every suffering leaves a trace within the fabric of our deepest mind. This affects us. Even if the suffering is happening to others, and we experience it just by witnessing it, seeing and feeling it. It leaves a trace impression in our minds too.

Neelakantha Meditation is a practice of effortlessly going deep within our own selves and accessing the very highest Source-Consciousness within. It is our own true and imperishable highest Self. It is beyond all relative human activity and dwells eternally in its own state of perfect Wholeness and Bliss. We access this and drink from it, are nourished and uplifted by this, every time we sit and do our meditation. It is of the character of Divine Grace. This aspect or value of Consciousness is called “Soma”. It is the nectarean power of healing and wholeness. It is imperishable (amrita) and cannot be tarnished, diminished nor destroyed. It acts always to release the traces of suffering from what we have experienced in life. It does not erase our experiences: What happened in life did happen. The loss, pain and the grief are real. But the wounds in the heart begin to heal when the traces of suffering are released. We are in the end left with only the wisdom, the compassion and the love that remains. Though this will often take place progressively over some time. That is our practice. It is this that enables our very presence and highest benevolent intentions to support, hold, and uplift our neighbors and communities. From this we become more capable of holding them in the highest Light and Love of Consciousness.


We face the storms together, supported by the Highest from within.

Welcome and Introduction to Neelakantha Meditation / Bienvenida e Introducción a la Meditación Neelakantha



This is a special message for friends in Cuernavaca, Mexico. I will be coming to visit your community and to teach about Neelakantha Meditation and give personal formal instruction to all who would like to learn it October 4th through 12th 2017. (Each English paragraph is followed by the Spanish. I will also add a voice recording in Spanish.)  – Paul

Hello. This is Paul Van Camp, authorized teacher of of Neelakantha Meditation, as it is taught in Blue Throat Yoga. I am from Bend, Oregon in the United States and also live in Los Cabos, BCS, Mexico. And I am very much looking forward to coming to meet with you, to teach and to share these teachings with you in your community of Cuernavaca. Some of you may be coming just to learn something about this practice. To learn about the theory of deep meditation, and to have your questions answered.

Hola. Este es Paul Van Camp, maestro autorizado de Neelakantha Meditation, como se enseña en Blue Throat Yoga. Soy de Bend, Oregon en los Estados Unidos y también vivo en Los Cabos, BCS, México. Y estoy con ganas de encontrarme con ustedes, enseñar y compartir estas enseñanzas con ustedes en su comunidad de Cuernavaca. Algunos de ustedes pueden venir sólo para aprender algo sobre esta práctica. Para aprender sobre la teoría de la meditación profunda, y para que sus preguntas sean respondidas.

Some persons have already decided to formally receive instruction and learn this practice. I am certainly very happy for the opportunity to teach you: to formally give you this practice for your very own. To have this method of deep meditation in your life is a great treasure. It is a precious jewel that transforms and uplifts life. It opens each of us to the direct knowledge of our own highest Self within. It brings understanding of our life’s true purpose and meaning, both spiritually and practically. Over time, it releases the causes of stress and suffering and uplifts and enhances every dimension of our lives. It opens us to having more wisdom, more freedom, more love and compassion, more joy (even in the midst of life’s challenges), and more to offer to others in our relationships, our families, co-workers and communities.

Algunas personas ya han decidido formalmente recibir instrucción y aprender esta práctica. Estoy ciertamente muy feliz por la oportunidad de enseñarle: formalmente darle esta práctica para su propio. Tener este método de meditación profunda en su vida es un gran tesoro. Es una joya preciosa que transforma y eleva la vida. Abre cada uno de nosotros al conocimiento directo de nuestro Ser más elevado dentro. Trae la comprensión del verdadero propósito y significado de nuestra vida, tanto espiritual como prácticamente. Con el tiempo, libera las causas del estrés y el sufrimiento y eleva y realza cada dimensión de nuestras vidas. Nos abre a tener más sabiduría, más libertad, más amor y compasión, más alegría (incluso en medio de los desafíos de la vida), y más para ofrecer a otros en nuestras relaciones, nuestras familias, compañeros de trabajo y comunidades.

Neelakantha meditation is a practice that everyone can learn very easily, and practice successfully every day. This is certain. It does not require any prior experience with meditation or with yoga practices. It stands complete by itself. Once it is learned it is a practice for a lifetime. It is meditation perfected. It is based upon the principle of effortlessness. This is because it works with the natural functions of the mind. So it is an easy natural practice for all humans.

La meditación Neelakantha es una práctica que todos pueden aprender muy fácilmente y practicar con éxito todos los días. Esto es cierto. No requiere ninguna experiencia previa con la meditación o con las prácticas de yoga. Está completo por sí mismo. Una vez que se aprende, es una práctica para toda la vida. Es la meditación perfeccionada. Se basa en el principio de la falta de esfuerzo. Esto es porque funciona con las funciones naturales de la mente. Por lo tanto, es una práctica natural fácil para todos los seres humanos.

It is the modern form of a traditional practice developed in India many centuries ago. Even though it has roots in ancient traditions (the yoga and philosophy called Kashmir-Shaivism), it is not a religious practice. Therefore, it does not require, and does not conflict with, any religion or belief system. That is why I say it is a natural human practice. Anyone can simply add the daily practice of Neelakantha Meditation to what they are already doing in life: to their own routines of work, of study, of practices and devotions, of family and community. By adding this practice it supports the life of each individual by connecting us with our own deepest Source within.

Es la forma moderna de una práctica tradicional desarrollada en la India hace muchos siglos. A pesar de que tiene raíces en las tradiciones antiguas (el yoga y la filosofía llamada Cachemira-Shaivismo), no es una práctica religiosa. Por lo tanto, no requiere, y no entra en conflicto con, ninguna religión o sistema de creencias. Por eso digo que es una práctica humana natural. Cualquiera puede simplemente añadir la práctica diaria de la Meditación Neelakantha a lo que ya están haciendo en la vida: a sus propias rutinas de trabajo, de estudio, de prácticas y devociones, de familia y comunidad. Al agregar esta práctica, apoya la vida de cada individuo conectándonos con nuestra fuente más profunda dentro.

People call this Source-place by many names such as the life-force, universal spirit, Grace, etc. We often call it “Absolute Consciousness”. (In the tradition this was called Shiva.) Because it is Consciousness, and is present in everything and everyone, we can know it directly and be nourished by it within our own self by the means of our meditation. This is what we are learning and practicing: how to go within and touch the highest aspect of Self for a few minutes every day. It is actually very easy, natural and enjoyable. It brings true happiness, beneficial transformation and fulfillment.

La gente llama a esta fuente-lugar por muchos nombres como la fuerza vital, el espíritu universal, la gracia, etc. A menudo lo llamamos “Conciencia Absoluta”. (En la tradición esto se llamaba Shiva.) Debido a que es la Conciencia, y está presente en todo y en todos, podemos conocerla directamente y ser alimentada por ella dentro de nuestro propio ser por medio de nuestra meditación. Esto es lo que estamos aprendiendo y practicando: cómo entrar y tocar el aspecto más elevado del Ser durante unos minutos todos los días. Es realmente muy fácil, natural y agradable. Trae verdadera felicidad, transformación beneficiosa y cumplimiento.

Because there is so much hardship and suffering in the world, many people do not believe that complete spiritual fulfillment is possible or available to them during this lifetime. They might hope to have spiritual fulfillment only after death of the body. They may see the enlightened persons or realized saints as so rare and different from themselves. But in our teachings say that this is possible in this life. It is called living spiritual freedom. It is the highest state of living consciousness. There are so many persons today have been awakened by the touch or call of Grace. It is the Divine that does this. It comes in many forms, unique to each individual. It calls us forward to find the highest teachings, the true practices and the means to achieve and to know ultimacy in this very life. For me, this is my own purpose in life and my path and my means of serving others. Neelakantha Meditation is a treasure, a practice that will sustain and propel your own journey towards your own highest fulfillment. I look forward to meeting each of you very soon. Remember that we walk the path with the goal already in hand.

Debido a que hay tantas dificultades y sufrimientos en el mundo, muchas personas no creen que el cumplimiento espiritual completo es posible o disponible para ellos durante esta vida. Podrían esperar tener el cumplimiento espiritual sólo después de la muerte del cuerpo. Pueden ver a las personas iluminadas oa los santos realizados como tan raros y diferentes de ellos mismos. Pero en nuestras enseñanzas decir que esto es posible en esta vida. Se llama libertad espiritual viviente. Es el estado más elevado de la conciencia viviente. Hay tantas personas hoy en día que han sido despertadas por el toque o llamada de la Gracia. Es lo Divino lo que hace esto. Viene en muchas formas, únicas para cada individuo. Nos invita a encontrar las más altas enseñanzas, las verdaderas prácticas y los medios para lograr y conocer la última en esta misma vida. Para mí, este es mi propio propósito en la vida y mi camino y mis medios de servir a los demás. Neelakantha meditación es un tesoro, una práctica que sostendrá y propulsará su propio viaje hacia su propia plenitud. Espero encontrarme con ustedes muy pronto. Recuerde que caminamos el camino con la meta ya en mano.

Sinceramente,                          Paul Van Camp M.D. 

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