Remote Meditation Teaching and Scholarships While Sheltering

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic which puts such constraints on everyone’s lives and activities, it turns out that this is an excellent time to learn your own deep and authentic meditation practice. Neelakantha Meditation is a life-supporting and life transforming personal practice that is thoroughly modern, non-religious, yet comes from an ancient lineage. Once learned, in just two sessions, it is your practice-for-life. It is a magnificent beautiful practice that goes far beyond “mindfulness” practices. It opens the practitioner to Ultimacy, to connecting daily to your own Highest and universal Self. This transforms life altogether, benefits and bestows freedom in every dimension of life.

At this time I can offer “distance” initiatory personal instruction on Zoom. Furthermore, I can offer scholarships (25% or even 50% reduction) of the “normal” fee for this instruction, which is $450 for most adults, for those who may not be able to afford the full fee in these trying times. This is for individuals who truly want to learn and practice deep, effortless meditation in their own life.


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