The Weaver

The Weaver and the Weaving,at the Loom which is Himself.

All that exists, all objects and beings, all that is expressed is woven in and of that Weaving, in and of that cloth:

The fabric of the underlying Absolute.Its nature is One: Unity. The perfect interconnectedness of All.

It is Self-Weaving: “Svatantra”*. Like the harp that play itself.

A specific form that arises and is embroidered on that weaving-

In some time and place, such as this very body and mind and life, is a temporary form.

It is an expression of the All upon the fabric of Itself. The Weaver, the Weaving, and the Woven.

One day to be unwoven. Simply to be released without diminishment. Nirvāṇa.

Back into the Wholeness. To be again what and as it ever and always has been.

I am also the Weaver- And the fabric is My Self.

* One literal meaning of “Svatantra” is Sva = self; and Tantra = a weaving, that which is woven or expressed.Because it is self-weaving it is called svatantrya, the power of perfect freedom in Her expression.

“Nirvāna” means “blown out”, like a candle. It is the extinguishment, not of the Self, but of the illusion of separation, of being separate from the Wholeness that is the fabric of life and being. Blow out the candle to see and know the sky.

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