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Neelakantha Meditation as taught by Blue Throat Yoga

Formal personal instruction is offered by Paul Van Camp MD in Bend Oregon, and in other regions by appointment.

In this time of the COVID-19 pandemic which puts such constraints on everyone’s lives and activities, it turns out that this is an excellent time to learn your own deep and authentic meditation practice. Neelakantha Meditation is a life-supporting and life transforming personal practice that is thoroughly modern, non-religious, yet comes from an ancient lineage. Once learned, in just two sessions, it is your practice-for-life. It is a magnificent beautiful practice that goes far beyond “mindfulness” practices. It opens the practitioner to Ultimacy, to connecting daily to your own Highest and universal Self. This transforms life altogether, benefits and bestows freedom in every dimension of life.

At this time I can offer “distance” initiatory personal instruction on Zoom. Furthermore, I can offer scholarships (25% or even 50% reduction) of the “normal” fee for this instruction, which is $450 for most adults, for those who may not be able to afford the full fee in these trying times. This is for individuals who truly want to learn and practice deep, effortless meditation in their own life.

Neelakantha Meditation is the natural, easy and transformative practice of deep introversive meditation that nourishes and powerfully enhances life. Once learned, Neelakantha Meditation will be you practice for life. It is mediation perfected. It is entirely effective for every person who learns, it whether or not one has meditated before. Dr. Van Camp is pleased to offer careful and precise personal instruction into the theory and the practice of Neelakantha Meditation.

Neelakantha meditation is the natural and easeful introversive practice to enter, experience and be uplifted by our own deepest Self. That is the Source-Place of our own highest consciousness within. So this does not require any particular religion, philosophy or beliefs. So anyone can effectively add it to their existing circumstance and life routine to provide a joyous, settled and refreshing practice that will progressively grow. It is the means to fullness, to transformative knowledge and to greater happiness and health in life. It brings profound benefits into every dimension of our lives. It is the practice that sets us free and fulfills the very purpose of living.

Dr. Van Camp has meditation practice experience for over 40 years. Since 2013 he has been studying intensively with Professor Paul Muller-Ortega. Professor Ortega is the world’s leading authority on the Shaiva-Tantra teachings of Kashmir. He is the founder of Blue Throat Yoga and most respected teacher of Neelakantha meditation.

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Paul Van Camp MD

My name is Paul Van Camp. Svatantra Life blog will be my personal sharing page of a life lived and transformed via the practices of deep meditation. Specifically of the deeply-effective, natural, easeful method of meditation called Neelakantha Meditation. Its foundations are rooted in the non-dual teachings of Kashmir Shaivism. There in the valley of Srinagar a thousand years ago, master the “scientists of Consciousness” refined and perfected the earlier meditation methods of yoga. Even then it was called the “new and easy way”. Today, a “perfect practice” for modern life is Neelakantha Meditation as taught by Blue Throat Yoga. (



I am a physician by profession. Nominally retired since 2008. My professional activities are voluntary. As in the picture above, on a medical service mission to Peruvian villages in the high Andes last Spring. (And where I will be returning in 2017 with my wife, Johane and “Project Helping Hands”. It is a wonderful, non-religious, international medical service organization based in Oregon. ( I also provide cancer patient / survivorship support and advocacy  in my second home in Baja California, Mexico.

My medical career was varied and fulfilling: 10 years in Emergency medicine in San Diego; 7 years of volunteer tropical medicine in Africa and Family Practice; 10 years as a laser surgeon in Oregon. But in 2007 I was diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. It could not be cured with surgery plus radiation plus chemotherapy. So I am living with cancer. Grateful that it is not currently aggressive. So I feel great and can live fully and enthusiastically. Like all of us, I don’t know how much more time I will be granted.

So in 2008 I decided that my journey in medicine was complete. I needed to turn from full time practice and devote myself to what was most important. What did I come into this life for? I have always known the answer to this question. Since a child I knew that the reason I was here embodied in this life was to learn about love. To learn to know, to embody and to serve the highest principle of non-conditional and universal love. It was time to turn completely to the fulfillment of that in my life.

Though some amazing teachers in the teaching traditions of Yoga, specifically teachers from the Anusara tradition. And the amazing philosophy that gave access to the pinnacle of meditation practices: that which is called the non-dual Shaiva teachings of Kashmir. Through these I found my meditation teacher: Professor Paul Muller-Ortega of Blue Throat Yoga, the thoroughly modern and authentic form of these teachings and meditation practices for today.

After that my life has been unfolding and transforming in the most amazing, beautiful and fulfilling way. It is the caterpillar of my own small self becoming the butterfly. I want to share some glimpses of the extraordinary gifts that unfold in a life lived with this meditation practice (called Neelakantha). Thank you for your interest.

As an authorized teacher (Acharya) I am pleased to offer: Personal Instruction in Neelakantha Meditation is $450 for most adults.  Seniors 75-85 and full-time students is $360. 13-17 yo $225. Seniors 85+ and home-hospice patients: Free.

Instruction is over 2 days with about 3 hours of personal instruction each day.

18 months of ongoing support and on-line resources through Blue Throat Yoga are included (Participation in resources is optional.) Dr. Van Camp provides personal support as needed in the early phase of personal practice.