This is a contact page with some basic contact information and a contact form. It goes directly and only to Paul Van Camp for Svatantra Life Blog and information about Neelakantha Meditation instruction. (www. and

Or if you would like to discuss scheduling personal instruction in Neelakantha Meditation. Please include information about how you would like to be contacted. You may also leave a voicemail phone message for Dr. Van Camp by calling (541) 848-5981.

You may also write to him directly for more information about learning Neelakantha Meditation at:

Dr. Van Camp is available to teach in Bend and Central Oregon as well as in Los Cabos area of Baja, Mexico for much of the Winter. He will also travel anywhere to teach to Yoga students and other groups, giving teachings (satsang) about the yoga meditation practices of Kashmir (“non-dual Shaivism”) workshops on mantra science and meditation as well as giving the initiatory practices.

Sorry. This form below is not working properly as of July 2017. Please callĀ (541) 848-5981 or write to in the meantime with your request or inquiry. All sincere questions will be answered. – Paul Van Camp MD



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