Neelakantha Meditation Instruction in Bend Oregon

Dr. Paul Van Camp M.D. is an authorized teacher of Neelakantha Meditation as taught by Blue Throat Yoga. Offering formal personal instruction in a deep authentic meditation practice for life.

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Neelakantha meditation is the natural, effortless and transformative practice of deep introversive meditation based upon the foundational teachings from the non-dual Shaivism of Kashmir. Once learned, Neelakantha meditation is a practice for life. It is mediation perfected. It is entirely effective for every person who learns it, whether or not one has meditated before. Dr. Van Camp is pleased to offer careful and precise personal instruction into the theory and the practice of Neelakantha Meditation.

Dr. Van Camp has been meditation for over 43 years, culminating in nearly 5 years of intensive study and practice with Professor Paul Muller-Ortega. Dr. Ortega is a leading authority on the Shaiva-Tantra teachings of Kashmir and is founder of Blue Throat Yoga.

Contact Paul Van Camp to schedule personal instruction in Neelakantha Meditation, taught over two day courses in Bend Oregon or in San Jose del Cabo, BCS Mexico. Instructions for groups can be arranged throughout the Western USA as well as in Mexico and Latin America.